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Personal Protection Screen

Self standing, quick to assemble personal protection screen to help maintain social distancing. Made locally from 6mm clear acrylic. Easy to keep sanitised and clean. These free standing guards, can be easily placed on a desk between yourself, staff or customers to help prevent the spread of germs through exposure to coughing, sneezing and sprays. Colours Available: Clear. Materials: 6mm Clear Acrylic. Item Size: 600 x 400 x 6mm (LxWxH) Supports 200W.


680 x 980 mm hanging protection screen, designed to ensure maximum protection and separation of spaces. No tools required, easy and convenient individual assembly. Features: 680 x 980 mm hanging protection screen, designed to ensure maximum protection and separation of spaces., No tools required, easy and convenient individual assembly., Ideal for all types of businesses and places where a safe division of space is required, To facilitate maintaining the recommended security distances., Made of resistant transparent PET material with a glass finish and foamed PVC., It incorporates two adhesive plates for fixing to the ceiling, Adhesive pads and two extendable and adjustable hooks to hang it up, up to 140 cm., Versatile design for horizontal or vertical mounting, including two independent white bands for easy logo printing., Made of light and durable materials, Easy to disinfect after each use., Easy to assemble manually., It does not require mounting and it is installed without using any additional tools., Individually presented in a protective cover and a cardboard case with a carrying handle., Including installation instruction manual. Materials: PVC. Colours: White. Size: 98 x 68 cm. Packing: Boxed. Decoration Position: Lower face. Print Size: 30 x 4 cm.

Personal Protection Screen

The 6mm thin, clear acrylic personal protection screen, can help to keep you safe. It is self-supporting, and can be quickly assembled and freely placed between yourself and others, to help maintain the distance between people, and help to prevent the spread of bacteria through the saliva that is sprayed when talking, coughing or sneezing. The product features a gap at the bottom for safe bi directional access. Colours: Transparent . Materials: 6mm Clear Acrylic .
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